Every time you locate your position at one of our addresses, every time you talk about us, give likes comment your opinion, take pictures and travel, you will earn fidelity points . the more point you will earn on any of our 5 categories .

The more badges you will get and you will rise in the general ranking and in our permanent competition .

Our permanent competition will give away gifts to the winner of the day, winner of the week, winner of the month, and to the winner of the year . the more badges you earn, the more immediate advantages you will obtain directly in our establishments . you will only need to show your badges to our hostellers on arrival or during your booking .

If you are lovely, our hostellers could even give you special points as a super nice customer

1 Earn Points

Earn points

Collection of badges

2 Get Gifts

Get Gifts

Permanent competition

3 Earn Points

Be recognised

Immediate advantages

The principles of Our program

Talk about us online, take part in the life of our brand and win badges, gifts and immediate advantages …

To participate in our loyalty program, the first step is to create a user account on our website or on your smartphone app. you can also create one directly with one of your social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter ou linkedin) .

You decide which information you want to share with us.

You decide if you want to be notified about our offers and latest news .

In our loyalty program, there are 5 categories; each one has 7 levels of progression. the total of your scores gives you a general score, which has 12 levels.

The different things you can do to earn points are:

  • Visit our establishments and share on one of your social media your location, live or later...
  • Write reviews on one of our establishment, an opinion, an anecdote … we are in a convivial set of mind; the comments should be positive and instructive .
  • Take pictures of the hotels or of you inside of our establishments and share it online.
  • Put your favorite hotels in your " favorit " list and give them a Heart
  • Visit a maximum of countries throughout our establishments.
  • Invite Friends To Download The Mobile App .
  • Like Other User's Comments Or Get Likes On Your Comments .

Win Gifts Thanks To Our Permanent Competition .

Every Day, The Best Ranked Customers Will Receive A Gift (like Goodies Or Funny Souvenirs) .

Every Week, The Best Ranked Customers Will Receive Vouchers To Go To The Restaurant .

Every Month, The Best Ranked Customers Will Receive A Voucher For A 2-nights Week-end Stay .

Every Year, The Best Ranked Customers Will Win A 7-nights Week In A Hotel .

These Badges Allow You To Be Identified By Our Hostellers . You Can Show Them Your Badges On Arrival Or During Your Booking .

This Will Allow Our Hostellers To Give You Immediate Advantages If You Directly Booked On The Hotel's Website Or Via The Charme & Caractère System .

Badges & Their Levels


All of our collaborators and partners get badges allowing them to get identified:


Hotel Owners & Managers


All Hotels Teams


All Partner Companies And Their Collaborators

How To Earn Points?

Before Earning Any Points, Everyone Starts From Level 0 (Level Title : Novice) In All Of The Categories And All Of The Badges .

Some Actions Will Give You Points In The General Ranking Only And Some Other Actions Will Give You Points In Every One Of The 5 Categories (described In The Next Pages) .

The Actions Giving You Points In The General Ranking (outside Of The 5 Categories) Are The Following :

How To Earn Points?

The 6 Categories Are

  • General Ranking
  • Charm
  • Character
  • Reporter
  • Lover
  • Traveler

The 4 Periods

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

Permanent competition

There Is A Permanent Ranking On 4 Periods Of Time And 6 Categories .


Charme & Caractere Reserves The Right To Launch , Suspend And Resume The Permanent Competition Based On The Number Of Participants To Make It Interesting .

Charme & Caractère Reserves The Right To Cancel Points That Seem To Be Earned From An Abusive Use Of Our System And Not On Real , Serious Contributions .

Charme & Caractère Will Be Able To Temporarily Or Definitively Suspend Any Users Account Who Would Not Respect The Rules Of Conduct, Politeness And Respect Of Our Brand And Towards Other Users .

Charme & Caractère Will Personally Define The Gifts Offered And Their Periodicity .

The Competition Is A Contest Without Any Obligation Of Purchase. The Results Are Archived Digitally .